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About Us

Welcome to Ali-Q's Treasure Box! We are a mother-daughter duo that decided to go into business together and we are so glad you're here!

Our story starts with a mother, Susie-Q, who found unique little Christmas ornaments at a craft fair. These precious mementos always had unique characters on them, and better yet, you could have them personalized with names and the year! So, each year, Susie-Q would search high and low for these ornaments to give out to family and cherished friends for Christmas. Her daughter, Alianne, was also known for finding unique and interesting gifts. Alianne also had a knack for stationary items, particularly making wax seals. 

One sunny August day in Las Vegas, the two started joking about opening a business. Then, our community was celebrating a milestone and was hosting a residents only craft fair. We decided, why not? Let's try it. We started off with our signature Christmas Ornaments, offering customizations, and self-sticking wax seals; and they were a hit!

Jokes turned into research, research turned into a naming session, which turned into a business. Since we were in business together, we smashed our childhood nicknames together, and voila! We had a business. We started with our ornaments, and then we started finding all kinds of items that we would purchase ourselves (and in some cases, actually had).

Which brings us to you, our valued customer. From our timeless PolarX Ornaments and our cheeky & fun Knock Knock brand products, to the handmade bath & body items from a number of brands and our own in house production, your sure to find something for anyone in your life, or a new item to fall in love with yourself! On top of all that, we're constantly trying new things and looking for new ideas to transform into your next favorite product!

So, go on, take a peek into our Treasure Box and find that perfect gift you've been searching for!

Meet the faces of Ali-Q's Treasure Box and our trusty helper, Sir Oreo Olieson! 

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