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Kraken of Holding Dice Box

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Product Overview

Feed your inner dice goblin and upgrade your dice game with this sturdy vegan leather wrapped dice box! Impress your friends at your next Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or other tabletop session when you break out this gorgeous dice box. This box holds multiple sets of dice, as well as doubling as an attractive dice tray to prevent your rolls from getting too wild. All boxes are engraved in-house at the NTSD Gaming studio in Texas.

Our vegan leather dice boxes have gotten an upgrade! We redesigned and remanufactured our popular vegan leather dice boxes to be better than ever. Each box is bigger - 6"x6"x2" vs the 5"x"5"x1.5" to hold even more dice. The lid opens more easily and is sealed shut by a magnet for an attractive wrap-around look - no more elastic band! The box is lined in a soft velvet instead of linen cloth. All of these features make it great for doubling as a rolling tray! These boxes are custom designed by us, so you won't find anything quite like them anywhere else.

Handmade product by North to South Designs.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review