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Triple Butter Molded Soap

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$1.85 - $4.61

Product Overview

Leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed, and moisturized with this Triple Butter Soap with Coconut Oil. Available in an assortment of adorable and unique shapes, and a selection of carefully curated scents.



Shemmy's Garden (teal): a sweet blend of Black Violet, Saffron, and Orange Blossom

Grandma's Garden (mint green): a light and airy combination of Honeysuckle, Jasmine, and Mint

Dragon's in the Library (dark green): a deep aroma of the infamous Dragon's Blood with the unmistakable leather of a library

Pomme Mimosa (coral): a lightly sweet and bubbly blend of Orange Blossom and Pomegranate Bitters


Net weights: "Love" 2.5 oz, Big Paw print 1.25 oz, Little Paw print 1 oz, Book 3 oz, Animals 1.6 oz.


Please note, due to the handmade nature, individual weights and colors may vary. All molded soaps are handmade in house by Ali-Q's Treasure Box LLC


(No reviews yet) Write a Review